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Would I be be able to set the dates thing in Notion to be if it's in between 3 days and 7 days? Or do I have to set them as separate parts of an and function?

So like this: if(prop("Type") == "Short" and prop("Due Date Priority") > 4 and prop("Due Date Priority") <= 9, "Middle",


polle commented

Please explain the approach with all the desire results.

if x, then x
if x, then x
otherwise x

To understand what you are trying to do based on the other question, because the other formula does exactly that, you just need to change the numbers to match your needs.

1 Answer


Lizat Points960

Not sure what you mean by the 'dates thing'. Anyway, there is an AND function the syntax is AND (boolean1, boolean2) so if your conditions are boolean that should work otherwise you can use nested IFs.


nathanramli commented

Sorry, this was a follow up to a different question I had. I'm trying to make it an if statement that takes everything that's type "Short" and due in 4-9 days to be called middle. Is there a better way than this to do it?

if(prop("Platform") == "Instagram" and prop("Due Date Priority") > 4 and prop("Due Date Priority") <= 9, "Middle",

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