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Templating a Meeting

Is there any way to template a meeting so that the template includes the attendees? It seems a little silly to go through and select participants one at a time to add them when we have the same meeting every single week.

1 Answer


adam Points1460

Yes as long as your Meeting page is a record in a database. Create a database template and select the meeting attendees you want added by default. You can do this with multiple templates if you have different meetings with varying default attendees.

Here's a link to this working which you can duplicate.


amandabee commented

How would I find my existing database templates?


polle commented

@amandabee click the down arrow in the "New" button of your Notion database.


amandabee commented

Thanks! In our case it was locked, so I had to unlock before I could make the changes. Then it worked.


polle commented

Well yes, if you lock the page then it is locked for changes. Good it is solved.

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