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How to relate 2 columns from different tables

I have two tables and am trying to relate a column from each.

The first "Recipe" table has a "Planned" column with an equation to tell if it is being used that week. I used the following equation and it works perfectly: if(not empty(prop("Day")), true, false).

My second table is the ingredient list. I am trying to make another column in the "Ingredient" table that detects if the "Planned" column from the "Recipe" table is marked true. If it is true, I would like this new column in the "Ingredient" table to be marked true as well.

How would I do this? Thank you in advance!

1 Answer


If the two databases have a relation, see if rolling-up the formula will bring over the checkbox or "true". Then you can filter using "if contains" or use another formula using "contains(prop("roll-up formula"), "true")).

Just remember one rule on roll-ups: "You cannot roll-up a roll-up."
Solution: zigzag the data using a formula, then roll-up that formula instead.

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