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I am creating a Finance section in my Notion.

My current set up is I have a database for Expenses, and for Income, as well as Categories (type of expense), and Accounts (different bank/savings accounts).

On a Dashboard area, I want to be able to be able to have a few different things, which I believe revolve around a Rollup property but I can't figure out how to do it right.

The main things I want to be able to achieve are;
1) On the accounts table, be able to see how much I've spent in the current month, so an example could be
| Name [Main Bank Account] | Balance [£2000] | Monthly Spend [£500] |
The monthly spend would be somehow pulling in the Expenses and then Summing to get a total, but only for the current month.

2) I want to set a monthly budget for each category, for example, | Groceries [£200] | and then using the data from my expense table, where I have tagged each expense with a category, in this case it would need to pull all the expenses that have the groceries category, Sum them to get a total, but only for the current month. Then I'd essentially want a progress bar or something similar which uses a Formula of Monthly Budget - Monthly Expense. I think I'd know how to do the formula part but just not how to get the information.

3) Is there a way to set a Date filter to the current month, without manually selecting a range? I can only see within the past month, but that seems to pull in the last 30 or so days rather than everything in January. I might be wrong here but when I tried it it pulled in a December expense.

I'll attach some images of where I have seen this done to try and give a bit of context to what I mean!

Accounts showing Monthly Expenses being pulled in

Budget Tracker showing monthly expenses against monthly budget for a category

I'd massively appreciate any help on this as it's driving me absolutely insane that I can't figure out how to do it but I've seen that it's possible!!

Thanks in advance x

1 Answer


See if my video here can help. Start at the timestamp of 2:25 and that starts the section on the Budget setup (similar to the Envelope method) and see if this will get you in the right direction.

The video is on speed build, so you may need to mute the video and slow it down.


TommyP commented

Can't say I'm too sure what's going on in the video or it's hard to follow to try and pick out what I need in the context. Appreciate the help though. Is it clear what I'm trying to achieve? Do you need to do it in a hacky type of way? Or is it formula related?

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