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Property with automatic date that do not change once it is filled


I am trying to create date properties that are automatically filled. I have a state property with 3 possibilities :"Started", "In Progress" and "Done". I would like to know at which time my task has been started, in progress and done. So far I can easily represent the date when the task was created ("Started") and the date the task was done ("Done" via last edited property). But I would like to know when my task was In progress. I have a formula that returns the now() date when the status is set to "In Progress". It's working perfectly BUT my problem is that the formula runs non-stop so the date changes every minute. What I would like to do is to fix this date value once it is filled. For example what I have in mind is : if property is empty and Status = In Progress set date to now(), if property is not empty then do nothing.

Do you know if there is a way to do that ?

Thank you very much !


otibmit commented

I basically had the same question in may.

I am wondering if anything has changed with the new project's update in notion.


polle commented

Nothing has changed, the answer it is still the same as below and as the one in your question.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You can't get the time another Notion property was updated using a formula, it may be possible using something like Make or Zapier to automate the process adding the current moment when the change happens.

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