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Quick Note widget

How to use the new Notion quick note widget. I can not find him.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

Android widget for Notion

· Download the Notion Android app from the Google Play Store.

· On your Android home screen, long press the Notion app, scroll in the menu, and then tap Widgets.

· Swipe through the widget options. Touch, hold, and drag the widget to rearrange it on your home screen.

· Tap the widget to then choose which workspace and/or page you would like the widget to display.

· Your widget now lives on your home screen! Add as many widgets as you like or edit the content of your existing widgets at any time.

· On some devices, you'll also be able to edit the size of the widget.

Hope that helps.


qqvdi commented

no, this answer is not related to the topic, I'm talking about a new feature that was added for android on February 8th.
(quick note widget)


polle commented

Update the Notion app to this new version in your device to use the new features.


qqvdi commented

I download new version of application, but can't find this widget


polle commented

Then that should be an Android setting.

I am not an Android user so I can't help there, but I assume it has to be as all the other widgets Android has. Check your device settings and when you find it, please share so others with the same problem can get a solution.


Sqsh commented

This answer worked for me! For some reason the widget didn't appear if I tried to add it via the usual widgets section on the homescreen, it only showed up when I followed the instructions Polle gave to long press on the Notion Icon.

I didn't need to update my app, it was already up to date, it seems to have just been a weird Android quirk causing the widget not to be available via the widgets page.


polle commented

Thank you for adding this @Sqsh as things are easier when more than 1 do the tests. :)


qqvdi commented

No, unfortunately what you are talking about is not a new widget. Below I will show how it looks (from a user on Twitter), but according to the comment under this update, most people have encountered the problem that they do not have this function, probably an error in the application.

enter image description here

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