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Hello, I have a few pressing questions about databases.
I've started using Notion's databases, and I'm baffled that Notion doesn't have forms, form fields, or buttons for submitting data. Databases and forms go hand in hand!
Databases have three components: input, output, and raw data. Yet Notion is missing many of the standard features for both input and output. I'm looking for ways to do the following:

1- show, in a simple block, just one piece of data (dynamically updated) from a database.

2- Create a data entry form to simplify adding new data to databases. Sometimes you need to add data to TWO DIFFERENT DATABASES at the same time. For example, if I have a movie database that records some URL for reference but I want to keep the URL saved in a seperate database for bookmarks. I'd want a form that allows me to add a movie title, etc, to the movie database and also link a URL in my Boomarks database.

3- Subsequently, I would think Notion would require a SUBMIT BUTTON, to truly make forms work as intended.

Does anyone know of a good way to accomplish these things? What is the best way to submit feedback to Notion? I can't seem to find an official feedback resource anywhere.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

Please open separate questions to solve them independently. In this case nothing is possible without external tools, so this answer solves all your questions.

1- You can't show database information in a static block.
2- You need an external service like Tally and similar or a Google form combined with an automation tool like Make or Zapier to receive the information in Notion.
3- There are no forms and no submit buttons in Notion.

For feedback just click the ? at the bottom right, select message support and select feedback.

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