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Use a Relationship with a subset

I have several instances where I want a relationship to a people list. But often I don't want to pick from the whole list rather a subset. There is probably a view but I can't see how to use it e.g. List of Developers.

Is this possible?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

It is not possible to manage relations like that in Notion yet.

What you can do is click the 3 dots in the relation window that opens and you can show there any properties you need, like tags to see if which ones are developers and which ones not.

So click the 3 dots, make the subset property visible and done.


Lizat commented

This makes life hard if the list is long, and I found out before (unless it's changed) that you cannot order the list so it is jumbled.

I've forgotten how can we add to a requests list?


polle commented

I know, but it is the only solution for now, hopefully Notion implements a better relation manager.

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