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Document tree is broken starting at the third level. What can I do?

Third level bug

Image says it all.

The document tree (or whatever that is called) is suddenly broken once you go passed the second level.

Notion doesn't seem to have anything to report bugs/issues, so I'm lost.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

It is not. Hard refresh if you use Notion in your browser or do a reset if you use the App.

Yes there is a way to report things. Click the question mark to contact support or send feedback.


lalmeida commented

I'm having the same problem. I've reset and deleted local data, and also tried the online version in different browsers. The problem persists in all cases.

From what I can understand, this started happening in the last couple of days.


Notiz_Me commented

Same here, nothing seems to help.


polle commented

Then it is not global and maybe a bug, because it is working fine for me in the browser and in the App.

As here is for help using Notion and not a bug report place, the only option is to send feedback directly in the question mark to let the Notion team know and have a look.

Hopefully they catch and fix the bug.


Notiz_Me commented

Thank you for pointing out the bug report feature.

Because of all the Notion templates for issue tracking and bug reporting I couldn't Google for Notion's own bug reporting :P


Skaldebane commented

I had the same issue for the past few days, but it seems to be fixed by Notion today!

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