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Migrating projects database to new Notion Projects

Hi all,

Any "best practices" yet for migrating an existing projects database to the new Notion Projects templates?

At the moment, I've got a single projects database that uses sub-items for the tasks. Although most of my projects at the moment don't require sub-tasks, so that hopefully won't be a major complication.

I actually just made this setup a few weeks ago (migrated from another app) and had debated whether to go with a separate tasks database or with sub-items. Guess I picked wrong....

Any and all tips much appreciated!


2 Answers


polle Points81400

The best approach today to avoid errors is to copy and paste the information.

Maybe in the future things change and data can be moved from one database to another using Notion Projects, but for now to be safe, copy and paste.


simplygrey commented

I'm still learning all that Notion can do, so what I didn't realize when I asked this question is that almost all of the features in the new Projects templates are also available to add to existing databases.

I guess the Sprints database is one exception for now? But I don't need that at moment.

So no real need to migrate at all. I just need to make a few changes to my existing projects structure.



polle commented

It would be better to create your own if you are not planning to use the closed projects template, that way you can add and extend as needed without having surprises in an update for example.

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roman Points140

Polle, not sure if this is what you are trying to accomplish...

I wanted to do something similar: move several rows of data from a database to a (new) project. I highlighted the rows in question, clicked the dots to the left of the uppermost row, and selected Move to (new project).

The data/rows moved but it required me playing with the view options in the project to display the properties/info of the rows I just moved.

Hope this helps.

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