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Is there a way to page through images in a gallery?

I created a gallery view and each card will contain multiple images. I configured the view such that one image is displayed as a preview on the card and the others are tiny thumbnails. Currently, to enlarge the images, one has to click on each image individually. This is a bit cumbersome, especially with the tiny thumbnails.
Is there any way to either enlarge the preview image on the card or one of the tiny thumbnails and page through all images from there, e.g. like with a carousel control? It is a bit cumbersome to open and close the images individually.

If it is not possible, could this be provided as a feature?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

It is not possible.

You can send the feature request directly to the Notion team as feedback in the question mark at the bottom right.


Fluffyhoof commented

Thanks for your answer!

I don't know which question mark you mean. Could you explain to me where exactly I can find it to send the feedback? Thx!


polle commented

Open Notion and you will see a question mark at the bottom right. Click that and select contact support. :)

Please consider selecting the answer to mark the question as solved.


Fluffyhoof commented

Thx! For me, the question mark is in the left menu. On the bottom right, there is the AI feature. But I know now what you mean :)


polle commented

Oh, that is correct!

At the bottom in the sidebar for AI enabled workspaces.

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