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How can I create a clickable link to an app on Mac/iOS

Some Apps like MarginNote allow to create links which work like hyperlinks: they open the app at the specified location.
This works e.g. in Apple Notes.

Such a link looks like: marginnote3app://note/85AA7B25...

How can I create such a link in Notion? Even if I manage to input such a link it is not working: a click on this link has no effect.

1 Answer


polle Points82410

At the moment it is not possible to link other local Apps in macOS and iOS, an https:// is needed for external links to work in Notion, that means, only web links.


hermannkm commented

That's a pity. Using notion as an information hub without linking to other apps (except the supported ones) is cumbersome.


polle commented

Maybe they implement this in the future, time will tell.


hermannkm commented

This would be great. I think I am not alone with this wish, I found some others trying to do this.

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