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I use Zapier to automatically create new contacts in our Notion contacts database based on email submissions. It fills the name and email address, but can't fill the relation field. Any workarounds?

1 Answer


polle Points25330

You can't select custom fields from an external database using Zapier, because you are not filling anything as the other fields do with information, you are trying to select a custom item from an external database and that is not possible as it is impossible to know which one of the external, custom and random item it is needed.

Hopefully that makes sense.

If you explain the complete scenario, there may be a way to achieve it with a workaround.


toml12 commented

Yup! That makes sense. Here's the full scenario:

We have two databases:

  1. Contacts
  2. Waitlist submissions

When users submit waitlist submissions on our website, Zapier creates a new row in the Waitlist submissions database. One of the fields in that database is a relation to the Contacts database.

I'd like to automatically link a waitlist submission record to a contact record. Right now I'm doing it manually b/c of the Zapier limitation.


polle commented

How should the relation work?

For example.

  • Contacts: List of 8 people that work with you.
  • Submissions: Random unknown people from the web that submits a form anonymously.

How do you relate one to the other and why?


toml12 commented

Ah sorry, I missed a step.

Upon form submission, Zapier creates a new contact in the Contacts database. Then it creates a record in the Waitlist submissions database.


polle commented

What is the need for having 2 separate databases for this?
Why not create everything in the same database and done?

As from Zapier you can't choose items from a related databases, the best option here is to have a central database with a Contacts column and a Submissions column.

That will give you exactly the result you are looking for, unless there is a good reason to separate a contact from their submissions in different databases.


toml12 commented

Yeah that's my issue with Zapier that you can't choose items from a related database. It causes problems like this.

The two databases need to be separate to keep things organized. Each have close to 1,000 records. Contacts has tons of fields that are irrelevant to Waitlist submissions. Combining into a single DB is messy.


polle commented

Ok, as that is a different topic, please select the answer for this question about Zapier, Notion and relations so it is marked as solved.

Beside that, I believe that in this case having one database with proper views and filters will result in a much better, organized and easier way to manage everything, because at the end it is the actual contacts information itself and not something external or separate.

I suggest that you implement views and filters, the result will be perfect for you. If you want me to help you doing this sharing your screen with me, just send me a DM from my profile.

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