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Report on calendar

Dear all,
is it possible to print the calendar - as one page for one month - in a readable way (like Outlook does)?

I've tried but in the on-line version the print is not readable and not useful (in the desktop there is no print option)

Do you know some ways to effectively print calendar or tables?

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

A. Borriero

1 Answer


polle Points79930

In your Browser export to PDF and there you will have exactly what you see, including the Notion calendar view.

Not sure what you mean by readable, but as suggested you get what you see. This works perfect with any Notion view you use.


labredox commented

Dear Polle,
thank you for your suggestion.
In the past I tried this solution (Edge and Mozilla) but the appearance of the printing did not satisfy me as layout.
More or less it could be OK for our aim, even though I've to resize the page ( resulting in very little characters).

Anyway ... thank you.

Best regards.
A. Borriero


polle commented

Glad to help!

For now browser export is the best option to get PDFs from Notion, maybe more options come in the future, time will tell.

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