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Positioning in Page Explorer

The Page Explorer sidebar makes navigation simple (assuming you have organised your content well) however there is one annoying aspect and that is that when you load a page the explorer sidebar is not 'sync'd' - it does not 'show' the user where they are. This means that is the page open is a sub-page of a section that is not open you do not naturally see where you are. The breadcrumbs help but for me this should be a natural part of the functionality and is an important aspect of usability.

I don't know if Notion watch this site but it would be nice to think this can be added to the roadmap (or perhaps there is a way of requesting this)

1 Answer


polle Points79460

The Notion sidebar highlights the current page in a darker color and if it's a subpage, you'll have to open the toggle to see it.

Pages and toggles in the Notion sidebar will not open and close by themselves to highlight the location when you are navigating through pages.


Lizat commented

Yes it's a shame they don't it is fairly standard practice. When you have a large site with many pages guessing where any page might be can be a nightmare! hopefully in the future.

Thanks for confirming

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