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place date of now for downloaded table entries

Hi all
I'm kind of new to notion.
I have a database table where I download websites from Notion clipper. I would like one column (Date Entered) to have the date and time when the download from the clipper occurred. I tried putting formula: now() in there, but all that does is gives me the date and time of now, every time I open the page with the table and enters it into every record in the database.
I tried setting up another column (calculatedEntryDateTime) and placing this formula into it:

if(prop("Date Entered")=='', prop("Date Entered")=now())

but I get this error:
Invalid left hand side of assignment operator = (char 50)
character 50 refers to the assignment (=) operator.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

1 Answer


tbbo Points840

I think the solution to your problem, capturing the time Notion Clipper adds an entry to the database, is straightforward. Try adding a new property to the database of type Created Time. This will automatically be set to the time the entry is added to the database, by Notion Clipper or anyone else.

Try that and let me know if it does what you want.

Formula fields are used to calculate a value and display it. They cannot be used to assign the values of other properties in the table.


Bridger commented

Thanks tbbo
That's exactly what I was looking for. I guess I didn't see it because it's called created time not created date/time. I also found last edited time, which again also gives the date, so all is great. I guess I was looking at the formulas more like Excel VB, where you can actually code to have results show up in a different cell.
Thanks again for the answer, have a great weekend.

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