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Add a calender showing a whole year?

How can I add a calender with a view of the whole year and not only a month?

1 Answer


caesiumtea Points360

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that the monthly calendar is the only calendar layout Notion has created so far. So, not really possible.

Workaround: Technically, you can get the whole year on one page if you create a page with 12 linked views of the same database (e.g., paste the link to the calendar view 12 times in a row) and set each one to display the different months. You can make them narrower by creating columns and dragging the calendars inside, but I don't know any way to shrink their height, so it might still be pretty tough to see the whole year at once.

Oh, and just in case: if you don't actually need to interact with the calendar as a Notion database and all you want is to look at the dates, then you can embed a calendar from somewhere else, like a Google calendar or HTML calendar generator. And then there's this example I just came across of someone creating a yearly calendar just using inline math blocks!

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