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I'm working on my first Notion formula and I haven't been able to find a more thorough help page than this one:

That's nice, but it doesn't actually list out the constants, operators, and functions that are available. And trying to read them while editing a formula in the pop-up / modal is making me dizzy.

Is there real documentation anywhere that lists the syntax for Notion formulas?

2 Answers


amandabee Points740

Notion doesn't maintain or share a full formula reference in their internal documentation, but Thomas Frank does maintain a fairly through guide to available Constants, Functions, and Operators.


polle Points79040

There is plenty of information, follow this link to understand Notion formulas from scratch.


amandabee commented

"Hey, I'm sure you already tried Googling it because I assume you're a reasonably smart person and not a total dingbat. The search term that worked for me was learn Notion formulas. That turns up a couple of good cheat sheets."

C'mon. Was that really so hard?


polle commented

Sorry, you are right, I was in a hurry. Glad that at least it was helpful.

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