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I'm trying to use Notion as a repository for pdf's which we can organise and refer to. This includes things like product descriptions.

However, It seems that if I upload a document to Notion, which seems kinda clunky in the display, there isn't a way to drag the document from Notion to an email—which would be the most common thing to do—unless I download the document, which kind of defeats the purpose of the repository in Notion.

Note that attaching a link in the email doesn't work for me as this requires all sorts of stuff regarding permissions. I want to send the attachment!

Unless I'm missing something ....

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

2 Answers


polle Points80400

There is no way to drag anything from Notion to an email App or any other App.

Everything is embed or uploaded to Notion itself and it does not work as a hard drive or file system.


antonvs Points210

With an embedded image at least in iOS app, if you click on "open original" then "share" you can save it to photo gallery or email etc. Not sure if this is a recent feature and maybe it would work with a pdf.

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