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How to use the entries of a table as properties for another table?

I have a table, let's call it T1, like this:

Name | property 1 | property 2

And i'd like to create another table, T2, like this:

Name | T1N1 | T1N2 | T1N3 | ... | T1Nn

More specifically, T1 is a list of habits, and I want T2 to be a list of Days, where I'll have all the habits in T1 as checkbox.

The idea is use the original Notion model Habit Tracker to keep the routine, but using my list of habits that I want in another table.

Other way to see this problem is: can I transpose a table on Notion?

It would be awesome if it could be done automatically, I mean, if I add a entry on T1, automatically it create a property on T2.


Uncle_khmel commented

Extremely important

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You do not need two Notion databases.

1 Database with the following will do.

Date | Habit1 | Habit2 | Habit3 | Habit4 | Habit5

Where you add the days in the Date property and all Habit columns are checkboxes.

This way you only check when done, otherwise you will need to select every single habit every single day from the relations, which will only makes things harder.

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