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Only 500 Blocks Limit ?

I registered an account not so long ago. Team trial.
Anyhow, I only have 500 Blocks available. Is there any reason to this ?

2 Answers


polle Points81400

If you’re interested in using Notion for your team, you can use a plus plan trial, where you get free blocks to try it out.

Once you reach your block storage limit, you can still read, edit, and organize existing content, but won't be able to add new blocks. You can delete existing blocks to free up storage.

If you or your team needs more than 1,000, upgrade your plan to get unlimited blocks. A full Plus plan also includes:

Unlimited pages
Unlimited file uploads
30 day version history
Up to 100 guests

So your only choice if you have a team is to upgrade when needed, if it is only you, change Notion plan when you trial ends.


thomas_yang Points2100

Actually all users (including free plan) will get unlimited blocks by default as long as you didn't add any members in your Notion workspace.

Here's a guide on how you can fix it:

However as @polle mentioned, if you plan to add workspace members then it'll be charged. The alternative if you're a small team 2-3 people then you can actually just share access to them as guest, which you can check it out here:

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