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Missing "My Links" from Clipper extension

I installed the Notion Clipper in Firefox. When I try to clip a page I don't see a "My Links" as shown in the Clipper web page:

How can I create the My Links page in my notion?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

Just create a database called "My Links" in your Notion workspace and select that when clipping something.

Or select the + New links database option when clipping something and create it there. It can be any name you want, the image showing My Links it is only a reference.


higgledy commented

Thanks. Which layout do I want?


higgledy commented

I tried "select the + New links database option when clipping something " but it just gave me a message in the Clipper "Please go online to save to Notion."

I dont see a new database in my notion page. IDK what to do with this.


polle commented

Any Layout it works for you to see the links you save there.

You need to be online for it to work, try refreshing.

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