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I would like to be able to Set a start date, add an amount of Effort, Add the Start Date and Effort to arrive at the end date. And adjust the Effort with burnup to Adjust the end date in real time. Is this possible so that I can see the results on a TimeLine?

1 Answer


amandabee Points780

I'm not sure about a timeline view, but you can definitely work with dates in a database formula. You want the dateAdd() function.

Here are some examples from the official documentation:

dateAdd(now(), 1, "days") = @August 31, 2023 5:55 PM
dateAdd(now(), 2, "months") = @October 30, 2023 5:55
dateAdd(now(), 3, "years") = @August 30, 2026 5:55 PM

You can also reference fields as long as Effort is numeric, and Start is a date, you can do something like dateAdd(start, effort, "days")

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