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Show image property from a Rollup as page cover

I have one images database in Notion with two columns, the first one is the Name and the second one is a photo using the Files & Media property.

I have another database table with all the dates of the month as name, it is related to the images database and I have a Rollup to have the image.

With that I can see which image is needed for each day of the month.

What I want is to show the days database in Gallery view, showing the Rollup image as cover, but it only shows a tiny image as property.

How can show the image from a Rollup as a Notion page cover?

2 Answers


avidnotionuser Points1430

There is no way to show the image from a rollup as a Notion page cover. It sounds to me you should make a template for the days of the week.
As you want to use an image for each day of the month.
Using Database Templates
So you should have 7 different templates as indicated in the video for each day of the week.


nosy commented

Thank you.

I don't want an image for each day of the month, the image is a social media post that has to be published in the selected day, it is not a decorative day image.

So I need to show in the Notion gallery view just the pending posts and see the reference image as a cover.


avidnotionuser commented

You can embed the image in the page section of the database and when you select properties for the database in gallery view you can set the cover image to come from the page content.


nosy commented

I know and that is exactly what I am trying to avoid.

I already have all the images in a database. If I have to upload again all the images one by one in each different page, there is no point of having an images database to end up uploading everything twice by hand.

Makes sense?


avidnotionuser commented

I understand what you are trying to accomplish but Notion does not currently allow taking image from file property for cover image. I was suggesting a workaround.


vanlinh136 Points320

We cannot do it automatically in Notion right now but there is a solution: Create a formula property with property(name of roll up property) to convert image to url format and then manually copy this text to cover url.

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