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Is there a way to integrate GoodNotes (pages or notebooks) with Notion?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

There is no GoodNotes integration through the Notion API, that is something that only GoodNotes developers can make it happen.

But you can embed and see your GoodNotes documents in Notion following the next steps.

Select your notebook, click the dropdown and select Share Link, get the sharable link, toggle preview on web, click send link and copy the link. Paste that in a Notion embed block and done.

That way you will see an updated GoodNotes document inside your Notion page or workspace.


hmb58 commented

Thank you. I tried this last week and it's very erratic; I'm using Brave browser (?)


polle commented

You can try the Notion App to see if it works better, but unfortunately only GoodNotes can fix how the integration with Notion works, so maybe sending them a message would help.

For "a way to integrate GoodNotes (pages or notebooks) with Notion", the way I mentioned above is the only way for now.


pablocostantini commented

Thank you very much, but I'm afraid it's not working in my case: it just appears a blank square. Any advice?


polle commented

@pablocostantini I can't test as I don't use GoodNotes, but there are no other options until there is an official GoodNotes support in Notion.

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