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Hi! I have a notion sheet with multiple numbers that are calculated together to get a profit. Currently, my formula says this:

if(prop("Uncompleted"), 0, prop("Profit outstanding") - prop("Quantity") * 2 * 0.65)

Basically, if the sale hasn't gone through, I don't want it to put anything in the profit column.

Now I want to add an additional property that says: if the sale has gone through AND if one box is checked, I want the formula to be the one above, but if the sale has gone through AND the box is unchecked, I want the formula to not include the "- prop("Quantity") 2 0.65" and I want it all to show up in the same column so the sum is correct. How do I do this?


polle commented

I understand that you have 4 Notion properties.

Uncompleted = checkbox
Profit outstanding = Number
Quantity = Number
Formula 1 = Formula

You need a fifth property with a Notion formula to determine "if the sale has gone through AND if one box is checked".

How do you establish a sale has gone through?
There is only one checkbox, where is the other one?

Please extend a bit to understand the complete scenario.

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