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I want to write an if formula that will mark one column as delivered based on a tag in another column.

For example, i have one column for "substage" and another column for "stage". I'm trying to make the stage column change based on what is in the substage column. i believe that it would have to be a nested if function.

If the column in substage is tagged as "internal review" i want the stage column to say "post production"
If the substage column "client review" i want the stage column to say "post production"
Basically i just want the stage column to feed off the substage column with multiple different tags related to the stages.

Thanks for your help.

1 Answer


Jakub Points220

If() function combined with contains() should do the trick.
For example:

if(and(contains(prop("Sub-stage"), "Assambled"), contains(prop("Sub-stage"), "Quality assurance passed")), "Finished good", "in production")

Formula checks if Sub-stage contains both tags: 'Assambled', 'Quality assurance passed'. If it does, then it shows 'finished good' text, otherwise 'in production'.

Hope that helps.

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