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Why doesn't my Notion Interface have the Workspace section?

I have noticed that in some tutorials, the interface of the content creator has a section titled Workspace on the left hand side panel followed by Favorites, Shared or Private sections. In my Notion interface, I can only see Favorites and Private sections. How do I enable the Workspace section or category on my Notion interface? I am using the Personal Pro Plan. Is there is a way to enable it in my plan or do I need to upgrade to get that section?

1 Answer


polle Points81400

I assume you are using Notion with a Browser. Try the Desktop app or create a new private page in the Browser, click share at the top right and turn on Workspace Access.


Debarshi commented

I am using both the browser as well as the Desktop app. When I click on the Share button at the top right of the interface, I get only the Invite and Share to web options. Workspace Access option is not visible.


polle commented

I suggest to View > Reload in the Notion Desktop app. That will load the latest Notion version. For the Browser logout, clear cache and cookies and login again to try the above.

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