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Automated prioritization system formula


So I'm trying to create a formula that sorts tasks into a priority list. I want it to sort based on 2 conditions that determine where on the priority list it should be: How many days til it's due and depending on what type of edit I'll need (This will be for an editing job). What I have right now is:

if(prop("Type") == "Short" & (prop("Due Date Priority") < 4,
    if(prop("Type") == "Medium" & (prop("Due Date Priority") > 10,
        "Not Urgent", "Middle",

Due date priority is the amount of days until the due date. I'm not sure if the "&" is even right symbol for it, but hopefully someone can understand this.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

Create a new formula property called "Days" and use the following Notion formula.

dateBetween(prop("Due Date Priority"), now(), "days")

That column will show in numbers the days between the Due Date Priority and now.

Now create another formula property called "Priority" and add the following Notion formula.

if(prop("Type") == "Short" and prop("Days") < 4, "Urgent", if(prop("Type") == "Medium" and prop("Days") > 10, "Not Urgent", "Middle"))

This one will do exactly the comparison you are looking for, check Type and Days columns to determine the priority it has.


nathanramli commented

Hey thanks for the response!

So another question I had is if I wanted to make 5 types of "priority" how would I do that. Maybe if I had urgent < 4 days, but then have another one be "Due soon" and that's between 4 < x < 7 days. I don't even know what it would be in the middle.

Maybe the line would like if(prop("Type" == "Short" and prop("Days") > 4 and prop("Days" < 7, "Due soon",

Something like that?


polle commented

Glad to help. Please select the answer to mark this question as solved.

You need to increase the ifs in the Notion formula as needed to cover all your options. It may be a good option to study a bit formulas to see how they work, but basically instead of 2 if statements, you have to add all the ones you need to match your options.


nathanramli commented

I had a few more questions. Could you potentially help with those still? I put another question up above.


nathanramli commented

I see so I wouldn't be able to set the dates thing to be if it's in between 3 days and 7 days?


polle commented

Feel free to open as many questions as needed, but please mark this one as solved selecting the answer and open new ones.


nathanramli commented

Oops sorry! I think I did it right now!

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