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Priorization of tasks by due time (long-terms and long-tasks)

I have several long tasks.
T1 due time in 4 days
T2 due time in 120 days
T3 due time in 55 days
To properly complete each task, I need to dedicate a given time-effort.
T1 45 min/day (or a TOTAL of 180 min)
T2 200 min/week (or a TOTAL of 4800 min)
T3 20 min/day (or a total of 1100 min)
One day, I can dedicate the proper time to all of them, but another day maybe not, or not to T2 (for example). I can then store the 'level of completion' of the task and the 'level of uncompletion or urgency,... based also in the due date'. This level can be an index (name it COMPL_INDEX, for example). So, my main purpose is:
When I start working in this task-list, I want the tasks ordered by this index, or I want Notion to indicate me how much time dedicate to each of these tasks today, based on this COMPL_INDEX.

Really, thank you very very very much in advance for guiding me in this issue.


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