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Nested synced blocks

I have several 'element' which appear in various places so have created them as individual synced blocks. But I also want to have a synced block which is a combination of other synced blocks. It seems this is not possible. Can someone confirm?

Thank you

1 Answer


polle Points78510

If I understand correctly, you want to have a main Notion synced block and inside that have more synced blocks.

Just do that in you Notion page.

1- Create a main synced block.
2- Create secondary synced blocks.
3- Copy secondary blocks.
4- Paste them inside the main synced block.


Lizat commented

Yes, I can do it now. It seems that sometimes it won't let me drag a synced block inside another I can't work out the exact conditions of this but anyway I can now do it.
Thank polle


Lizat commented

Here is an example of not being able to do this:

it's a mystery and rather annoying!


polle commented

For what I can see it is connected and synced, but what you are not seeing is the red border, but everything else works fine. Is that correct?

Just type in it to see if both change and if that is the case, then everything is ok.

Just use it like that and maybe try another browser to see if the red line comes up.

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