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How do you select to display only positive numbers from a rollup

I have rolled up a list of numbers and I would like to display only the amount of the positive numbers in that list.

any help will be appreciated

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You will need an extra property using a formula to calculate that and a filter.

Here is a simple example without knowing how is your setup.

1- Make sure your rollup is a number.
2- Create a new column using formula.

if(prop("Rollup") > 0, prop("Rollup"), 0)

That tells Notion: If the prop Rollup is greater than cero, show the prop Rollup, otherwise show cero.

3- Hide the Rollup property.

4- Then just filter the database to show only things that are not cero.

Hope that helps.


Daniel01 commented

Thanks @polle for this, but I meant when the roll up items are in the same cell. eg.
| 12, -23 , 34 , -17 | in this case is there a way to show only positive numbers.

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