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How to add numbers between different database columns

I have 2 databases that look like the following:

Table 1:

Task | Points
T1 | 5
T2 | 5
T3 | 10

Table 2:

Name | Total Points
A | 200
B | 50
C | 10

Every time a task is performed in Table 1, I want the number of points to be added to the total points of ONLY row A in Table 2.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You need to do it using relations, rollups and formulas.

Relate both databases, create a rollup for the points in table 2 using SUM and then a formula property that does the math you need, a simple + for the 2 points columns.

With that when you relate a task to an item from table 2, it will add the points and sum them to give you the total, then the formula will SUM that total to the points in table 2.

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