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How to combine 'Ifempty' and 'max timestamp' formula

I previously posted the following problem:

I have a Notion formula that pulls out the max date(the last date) from two columns, however the formula does not work unless both columns have an entry. I still need the formula to work if one of the columns has a date. What can I add to make this work?

I received the following formula that worked

if(empty(prop("Last Date Used - Across All Verticals")), prop("Last Date Used (Historical - Manually Entered)"), if(empty(prop("Last Date Used (Historical - Manually Entered)")), prop("Last Date Used - Across All Verticals"), fromTimestamp(max(timestamp(prop("Last Date Used - Across All Verticals")), timestamp(prop("Last Date Used (Historical - Manually Entered)"))))))

I am however running into a similar issue. I can’t seem to tweak the formula to work with multiple Notion columns (not just two). I currently have 5 date columns, and I want the formula to pull out the max date between 2 or more columns OR provide a date if just one of the columns is filled.

Current formula:

fromTimestamp(max(timestamp(prop("Date 1")), timestamp(prop("Date 2")), timestamp(prop("Date 3")), timestamp(prop("Date 4")), timestamp(prop("Date 5"))))

How do I add an If(empty statement to have the formula still pull out a date, when all of the columns don’t have an entry.

I appreciate any Notion help you can provide.


Dennismel12 commented

I came up with the below formula, that formula column accepted, but the logic doesn't seem to work unfortunately, since the column isn't populating anything.

if(empty(prop("Date 1")), prop("Date 2"), if(empty(prop("Date 2")), prop("Date 3"), if(empty(prop("Date 3")), prop("Date 4"), if(empty(prop("Date 4")), prop("Date 5"), if(empty(prop("Date 5")), prop("Date 1"), fromTimestamp(max(timestamp(prop("Date 1")), timestamp(prop("Date 2")), timestamp(prop("Date 5")), timestamp(prop("Date 4")), timestamp(prop("Date 3")))))))))

1 Answer


adam Points1460

I think this is what you're looking for? Unsure what you want to show if all dates are empty. I defaulted to showing today's date.

if(prop("Dates?") == 2, fromTimestamp(max(timestamp(prop("Date 1")), timestamp(prop("Date 2")), timestamp(prop("Date 3")), timestamp(prop("Date 4")), timestamp(prop("Date 5")))), if(prop("Dates?") == 1, now(), fromTimestamp(max(if(empty(prop("Date 1")), timestamp(prop("Date 1A")), timestamp(prop("Date 1"))), if(empty(prop("Date 2")), timestamp(prop("Date 2A")), timestamp(prop("Date 2"))), if(empty(prop("Date 3")), timestamp(prop("Date 3A")), timestamp(prop("Date 3"))), if(empty(prop("Date 4")), timestamp(prop("Date 4A")), timestamp(prop("Date 4"))), if(empty(prop("Date 5")), timestamp(prop("Date 5A")), timestamp(prop("Date 5")))))))

Check out how I did this in the below page. I broke the formula down so you can improve your formula writing in the future when struggling with complex logic like this :)


Dennismel12 commented

Thank you very much Adam!! This is perfect.

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