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Can one change stucture in all entries in database at once?

Dear clever Notion wizards,

I have a Notion system that contain a database of clients and potential clients. I keep fine tuning how the information is structured when opening up a client (to have notes, linked views of different databases etc.). At the moment I make these updates in the template but this means that my new structure only applies for the clients that I create after editing the template - and then manually make the changes to all clients that have already been created.

Is there a way of changing the structure of all entries in a database at once?

Thank you so much in advance :)

1 Answer


polle Points79930

There is no way to apply a Notion template to all pages at once, you have to go one by one.

Go to the Notion page, delete everything in the page and click the template button. Repeat for every page.


markus commented

Thank you polle.

Do you know if there is a way to put it on the Notion wishlist?


polle commented

You can contact support directly and send it as feedback using the ? at the bottom right in Notion.

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