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I hope I can explain it properly.

I am trying to create a table database with multiple columns. If I create a new calendar view for that table, it shows entries on calendar separately. I mean if there is multiple entries for a day it shows multiple lines on calendar view.

Alternatively, If I create template page for calendar (that page includes exact same table), calendar shows 1 line for each day even if there are multiple entries for that day. And when I click it shows entries for that day same like database table (because of template page).
But if I want to see all entries on a table it shows 1 entry for each day (row) and it shows all entries for that date when I open it.

I would like to see all entries with table view (like first example), but only one entry for a calendar day (like alternate example). Because if there are a lot of entries for a specific day, that day height will be huge. That's why one entry on each calendar day and it shows all entries on a table for that day when I open it.

I would like to enter data only one of them. Table or calendar. And I hope both shows same information. I tried a couple of different way like relation and rollup, but I couldn't find proper solution.

Update: I created a template page for calendar. I added existing table database as a table in template page. But as normal, it shows all records regardless of calendar day. I have to filter each day separately to show only related calendar day records. Is there any way to auto filter or any other way to show only related records?

See it here


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polle Points79040

If you have 3 items in a database and each one of them has a different day, the calendar will show each item in the assigned date and there is no way to change that, it is how calendars work.

You are adding 3 different items, not one. It seems you need a day database and then assign 3 or 45 items to just that day.

Create a database with the 365 days of the year and assign the dates for all of them, then add and relate everything as you need.

That way you can have multiple items in one day.

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