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Can Notion be minimized or closed to system tray on Windows?

I'd like to always clean up my taskbar with apps that aren't actively used and minimize a lot of applications to the system tray icon on the bottom right of the screen. I can't seem to find a setting that does this. Minimizing doesn't hide the item on the taskbar and closing just closes the app.

I think it would be helpful to keep an icon in system tray for those ideas or notes you wanna quickly write down while not being actively part of your daily workflow all the time.

I've tried a few third party solutions to get a tray icon but can't find anything that works well. I think it would be great if there was an option to enable it so you don't close the app as easily and keep a cleaned up desktop.

2 Answers


polle Points80400

This is not available yet for the Windows Notion app. Hopefully it is implemented in the future.


Endif Points140

I hit the same issue and found a general solution. So, if anyone needs it:

This tool can minimize (almost) any app to tray by right-clicking the standard minimize button.

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