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Does Notion Monitor this Forum or Others?

I'm a convert from Evernote and they had a forum site very similar to this one. One of the things I liked about it was that certain parts of it were monitored by Evernote staff and various experts. Not all the subgroups but some. In particular, they monitored the "Feature Request" section. Many of the requests were picked up and implemented. is there anything similar?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

Here you can get help with how to do things in Notion.

No bugs
No feedback
No suggestions
No debates
No nothing like that

For suggestions, bugs, rants, ideas and open questions that no one can solve but Notion, use the question mark inside Notion and select send feedback.


OldSeaHawk commented

Question mark? Where would I find that?


polle commented

Bottom right in Notion.


OldSeaHawk commented

The word DUH comes to mind. Sorry about that -- I didn't see it. My bad.


polle commented

Glad to help :) Please consider selecting the answer to mark the question as solved.

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