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I want to start an e-commerce shop with my notion project.

I'm aware of using gumrod but it doesn't give me the UX and control of the purchasing journey that I'm looking for.

1 Answer


polle Points79460

I would not recommend creating an e-commerce website like that. There are hundreds of things involved that you will simply not be able to do, track, implement, etc...

Users, payment processing, catalog, product variations, stock and a really huge list.

If you just want to add 3 products and a link to pay, just use Stripe or similar and add a link to pay.


EfosaSO commented

You think there's no need for it?

There's quite a few no-code builders for notion already. E-commerce is a rising industry, feel those two fit quite nicely.


polle commented

Thinking if there is a need for it is a completely different thing.

Having an e-commerce solution with Notion today is recommended if the case is what I mentioned, having 2 products with a link to pay. But that is anything than a complete Notion e-commerce solution.

If you are looking to have an e-commerce store with products, stocks, variations, taxes per country, delivery options if those are not digital products, tracking, user profiles, coupon codes and like another 148 things, then I recommend other solutions.

Again, I recommend that. This does not mean that there si no need and this does not means anything else, it means exactly what I am sharing.

Having a Notion e-commerce would be nice and for sure in the future there will be services offering that. Time will tell.

Makes sense?


EfosaSO commented

Yes, that makes sense.

I would imagine those that have a need for the no-code notion website builders wouldn't have a need for such a complex E-commerce solution.

But E-commerce is becoming more of a need these days even for less complex fulfillment processes. I don't think those that use notion are managing a multi-currency shop with many variants per product and shipping categories.

It's a niche and I don't imagine that niche to have such complex needs.


polle commented

I agree, but as soon as you need some tiny anything extra, you are in a big problem and will need to move everything to a real e-commerce solution, because Notion is not.

That is the thing with e-commerce and websites, maybe not complex at the very beginning, but sooner or later you will need something extra and you will not be able to do it unless you move everything to another platform and that is a really big mistake.

But hey, anyone can use the tools they decide, just keep in mind that tools, apps and platforms exist for a reason and Notion can be anything but an e-commerce platform.

But as I said, for sure someone will come up with a good solution that may suit basic needs for people that needs to have a small web store. For today? I would go another way.

And by the way, there are out there things like this or this, but I would suggest to keep in mind all the problems that may come in the future.


EfosaSO commented

Thank so much. That helps a lot!

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