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Has anyone tried to use the new(er?) task manager template created by Notion with the buttons across the top?

I copied it into my Notion and while I can edit the items in the card view and such of the database, the text and such on the buttons does not update, and I can't use them at all? They're greyed out with a red caution symbol and when I mouse over them, it says 'You don't have permission to run this button' but I don't know why I wouldn't? It's my personal notion, I'm the owner, I have full workspace permissions according to the settings, it's never even had any other users than me.

I can't edit anything when you hit an individual button's settings icon, either, presumably because I don't have permissions for some reason.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

No idea which one is "the new" Notion template, but check the button settings to confirm your page has the same name, you database is correct, the database name is the same, your habits have the same name and so on.

Also check if the page or database is not locked.


mksam4242 commented

This is the template I mean


By the button settings, do you mean these?

Button Settings.

Because I can't interact with anything on these at all.

The only thing I've changed (and been able to change) is the name/icon on the columns of the mini database view on the main tracker page, so those are no longer the same, but the issues were the same prior to that as well.

I double-checked just now, too, neither the database nor the page is locked.


polle commented

Delete the template and duplicate it again. There is no way you can't edit a button if you actually are the owner and the template is in your space.


mksam4242 commented

I have no idea why it didn't work the first time still but deleting and re-duplicating it worked, thank you!


polle commented

Great! Glad to help.

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