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Syntax error in table formula for word count

Using the information I found on here, I used

if(length(prop(“Scene”)) > 0, length(replaceAll(prop(“Scene”), "[^ ]", "")) + 1, 0)

to get a word count in one column from the text in the column named 'Scene'.

But I get a syntax error:

Syntax error in part "“Scene”)) > 0, length(replaceAll(prop(“Scene”), "[^ ]", "")) + 1, 0)" (char 16)

What's the error?


1 Answer


tbbo Points840

Your formula looks good and works for me. I think the error is in the quote type that is being used in the calls to prop.

If I copy paste your formula into notion, the quotes around the property name Scene are not standard ascii quotes but fancy unicode quotes. Note how they lean and are not straight up and down.

The quotes you used in the last two arguments "[^ ]", "" are the right type.

Try changing them (you likely copy/pasted them in, just delete and re-type them) or copy this version the formula:

if(length(prop("Scene")) > 0, length(replaceAll(prop("Scene"), "[^ ]", "")) + 1, 0)


SusanM commented

YES! such a silly mistake, and I never would have found it without your help! Thank you so much!

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