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Column formula to count checkboxes in entry content


I do some daily journaling for work with notion, nothing very fancy but it gets the job done.

I have a database with an entry per day (with a date and some columns but that's not important) and inside each day I take notes for things I do, thinks I have to do and so on. For the things pending I use checkboxes which I mark as completed as I move along with things during the day but sometimes I don't manage to finish everything in time so I have to do it the day (or days) after.

Right now I have a checkbox column to mark the day as completed (no pending tasks for that day) but I'd like it to be automatic, using some sort of formula to count the checkboxes on the entry or something like that. I believe this is not possible in Notion at the moment.

Test page: see here (in here what I want is the Completed column to be automatic).


1 Answer


polle Points79930

A solution is to have 2 tables in your Notion page.

1- Days
2- Tasks

With that you can relate any number of tasks per day and just check and uncheck as needed.


fmartingr commented

Hey @polle, thanks for the alternative! But sadly I don't want to modify my workflow since it's very convenient to just switch to notion, write something and go back to whatever I'm doing without having to use the mouse, adding entries and so on... Thanks a lot for the suggestion though! Hope the Notion team implements something to do this :)


polle commented

I updated the template to match your style with the tasks inside each day. Keep in mind this is the complete thing, but you can have a single list to just add and write as needed in any page you need it as a linked database with any view.

Hope that helps.

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