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Line break in Notion page titles

Is there a way to have a line break in pages titles?

I am showing some texts in a Gallery view, but the text gets truncated. If I grow the column in my page (I have a page with 3 columns), the gallery goes to 2 columns or more (in the column gallery it is is), even when just one column is showing, the new button is always present and that causes to go with 2 columns, if I drag that back, it goes to 1 column (new button below text) and that is what I want, but longer texts are not showing complete.

If I choose to show content, the card size of the gallery view goes big and I want to keep it small.

Is there a way to add a line break to titles so everything shows in gallery view? Or maybe another way to acomplish this?

Thank you.

2 Answers


bensomething Points2440

The only views that allow for text properties, including the title, to be shown over multiple lines are the Board view and the Table view when Wrap cells is enabled in that view's ••• menu.


polle commented

Thanks for sharing this!


nosy commented

Thank you for explaining.


EilmerZhang Points540

Just type "shift + enter" and you'll find.


nosy commented

Yes, the problem is that when you see the Gallery, the text stills truncate with ... instead of showing everything.

The idea is to show the complete thing. Any ideas?

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