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Can Gallery show List view of A Linked Database


I am new to Notion.
I created a Gallery View on a Dashboard and I set the settings to show page content.
The page content is a linked View of another Database. It doesn't show that view on my Dashboard.
When I click on an item of the gallery I see Relations. and the linked database. But when I close it, it doesn't show that on the Gallery overview.

I hope it was understandable. Thank you in advance.


1 Answer


polle Points81400

You can't show Notion database views inside database previews.

Expect for "Show page content" to see text or images added directly to the page itself, not other databases or views.


Suebidoo commented

Thank you,

I changed the Gallery items to individual blocks that have the linked database underneath. Works well, just looks a bit different.


polle commented

Yes, that can do the trick, also you can consider Header images for that. Glad to help. :)

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