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The question^.

I'm using the notion API and I am unable to figure out a way with which I can check at which date/time the status is changed to a special status so that I can use that date as a start date to be populated/used in other fields of the same task.

If anyone can help, it would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.

1 Answer


ashishjullia96 Points250

For the future comers, I was able to solve this using:

  • A dedicated hidden "change status date" column of type formula then use the following formula:
    if(prop("Status") == "In progress", now(), fromTimestamp(toNumber("")))

Then for further actions, that column's value can be used as a "start date" for other columns.


polle commented

Thank you for sharing!


otibmit commented

Can you verify if this solution will keep the date of the change in status? Or will it change to the current date, due to the now() value? My application requires that it keep the date of the status change, even when the status changes.

Example, if I wanted to calculate the duration of task, I want to have the date I start working on a task (moving a task to the in progress column), and the date I move a task to the "done" column. I need the dates to stay and not reset when I move the board view block into another column. This is because I want to utilize the "dateBetween()" function to calculate the duration of the task by utilizing the "in progress" and "done" dates.

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