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Count the number of days from last status progress change.

I need to track the number of days that have passed from the last prop "Status" change.

1 Answer


polle Points78510

You can make it work with a "Last edited time" property and a simple Notion formula.

Column 1 = Name (Default name property)
Column 2 = Status (Status property)
Column 3 = Last (Last edited time property)
Column 4 = Formula (Formula property)

Use the following in the formula property.

dateBetween(now(), prop("Last"), "days")

This will show you the days since the last edited time as you need.


aguscolunga commented

Great, but if I have many columns and different status for the same item - which would be the formula to register/track each status changed?


polle commented

The structure you are trying to build needs to be improved or changed then, because a single item can't have multiple statuses.

Please share in a new question what you are trying to build to see what may be a better approach, because for counting the last edit, the above is the way to do it.

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