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Months and years Notion calendar database

I am trying to have a Notion calendar database for dates that have months and year, then in other databases select the month in that year. For example expenses or tasks.

The problem comes after some time when new years begin. If I have an expense in January, it has to be from this year and not from the last 3 years and of course I don't want to end with a Notion database that have 200 months repeating over and over.

How can I accomplish this?

That way if I have a new expense, when selecting the month, "ONLY" this year months will show up in the related database rollup and not all months from all years.

This will also help in showing for example all expenses by months and years in Notion.

I want to avoid "Tasks 2020", "Tasks 2021", "Tasks 2022", "Expenses 2020", "Expenses 2021", "Expenses 2022", "January 2020", "January 2021", "January 2022", and so on with 50 databases. I need just one calendar to integrate everything and do the trick.

Any ideas how to do it without having to create complete new Notion databases for every year and need to have multiple rollups for every year in the expenses database?

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