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Show every three years date and it is today with Notion formulas

In a Notion table with a date I need to calculate every three years, show the next date and mark it as true if it's today.

I have 3 columns in my Notion database table:

1- Date: Jan 23 2021

2- Next (Formula): Use the date and show (based on 3 years) when is the next date. This Next column should show "Jan 23 2024" and do that continuously, so after Jan 23 2024, "Next Column" will display "Jan 23 2027" and so on.

3- Today (Formula): If "Next Column" is today, checkbox true.

If I select today as a date I can make it work, the problem comes when I add a past date, like "Oct 23 2018".

Can anyone please share how to create the Notion formulas for 1 and 2?



chibuzorobilom commented

trying this out, now...

1 Answer


NotionNoah Points200

If I understand your question correctly, here is the solution:

  1. Make a column with the date you want to check
  2. Make a formula that calculates the date 3 years from now
    dateAdd(prop("Date"), 3, "years")
  3. Check if it falls on the same day
    day(prop("Date")) == day(prop("3 yr"))
  4. Duplicate the rows and slightly change formulas for 6 years, 9 years, etc.
  5. ???
  6. Profit


nosy commented

Thanks! But the link is private and I can't see it.


NotionNoah commented

Oops, sorry. I made it public now, so it should work.


nosy commented

It is not working, I need to add a date and a formula that shows that date every 3 years and then a true if it is today.

I add in "date" column jan 24 2019, the "next" column shows when is the next day 3 years later and it is jan 24 2022 and column "today" shows as true if today is what "next" date shows.

After jan 24 2022, the "next" column should show jan 24 2025 and so on.

Thank you.


NotionNoah commented

I'm sorry, but I don't understand the problem then. Hope someone else can help you!


nosy commented

Thank you, hopefully someone else can share a way to do it.

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