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How do I create a shortcut on a database page to fill up columns?

Hi, I have a database with a ton of columns, to the point it won't be relevant to all views. This clogs up all columns and puts unnecessary rows while I open a database block. I have to select the option to hide the view unless filled, but that makes it harder to fill the data in.

I need to know how to create a shortcut to fill in the columns of the database from the database page block. Is there a command I can enter?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

If you will fill always the same information with no change at all, try the /button to automate and fill the info as you need.

Otherwise use Notion database views and filters.

View 1: Filled (Filter to see only filled data with if not empty)
View 2: Empty (Filter to see only empty columns with if empty)

That way you just click what to see and you can hide the not needed columns in each one of them.

Click empty and fill what it is needed, click full and see everything full.

Hope that helps.


headsniper commented

I don't think views and filters will work. I already have views for the table, but the team filling out the page will only have access to the page, sorry if I didn't mention it earlier. I've set most of the properties to hide when empty will hide it on the entire table, limiting my other views. The one handling data entry will have to skim through a long list of properties when they view it, not all of which will be necessary.

Is there no command I can place on the page that auto-fills whatever I type down to a property for that page?


polle commented

You can have 45 views of the same database and each one of them with different hidden properties.

There is nothing to fill with "something" you think in that moment.

If you hit a button, to then see a field, to then fill it with info, it is actually worse than just filling the field.

Just create the views as you need to use and share.

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