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How do I refere to items in a database?

I started using Notion to write personal articles, those articles are primary used by myself (inside Notion).
The references I use in the articles are organized in a database called "Bibliography".
Bibliography has a column named "citation" that uniquely identifies each record.
Let's call "citation" the primary key of "Bilbiography" table, it is a text column with values such as "Article-X".

I would like to cite the record "Article-X" in "Bilbiography" so that I could click on it and (somehow) get redirected (or presented with a popup) to that table, in that record. How would I accomplish that?

1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points860

Are you not already using a Relation property to connect the Articles and Bibliography tables?

Notion Relations & Rollups


chbrandt commented

I don’t see, though, how Relation fits in this case. The article(s) I’m writing is not a database, just a Page referring to information in the Bibliography database.

Maybe I’m missing something here…


thomas_yang commented

Is "Article X" a page? If yes then you can use @Article X to reference it.


ShaneRobinson commented

@chbrandt Ohhh... I just assumed Articles were in a DB because it provides so much more flexibility and power than just a regular page.

But... To your current structure, you can easily reference and link directly to any Page or DB Entry just by typing "@" and then continue to type the title of the Page or DB Entry. As you type the choices in the popup will reduce down until you see the Page or DB Entry you're looking for.
Just select it and it creates a link directly to that Page or DB Entry.

Remember, EVERYTHING in Notion is a Page. Even a DB Entry is actually just a Page with extra properties and contained within a table structure.

Lastly, one of the biggest reasons to put your Articles in a DB is that you could attach "Tags" and other properties to each Article to make it easier to list, view, sort, etc. In general, placing content in well-structured DBs is far more scalable than just using Pages.

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